Whether it's sequential work, sketches, or studies, Matt's passion for telling stories is evident in all of his work.




comics & Sequential work

Panel to panel.



The Learning Process.

Sequential Work

Marvel Samples | August '17

Squirrel Girl travels through NYC and sneaks into Stark Tower!

Marvel Samples | June '17

Frank Castle finds himself in the center of a drug-lord's headquarters!


Marvel Samples | May '17

Jane Foster Thor takes on Odinson in the bowels of a Frost Giant engine room!

Marvel Samples| April '17

Gwen Stacy faces off with Vulture in an airborne battle above NYC!


Marvel Samples| February '17

The Avengers come face to face with a Frost Giant in the middle of NYC!

Marvel Samples | December '16


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Tippy Toe, and the New Avengers take on a trio of foes in Paris, France!



Marvel Samples | October 2016


Peter Parker juggles containing The Lizard and a high stakes business meeting with Black Cat and The Ghost waiting in the wings.